Website development is very broad area. There are a lot of technologies are available in market. Every technology has its own features.

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To make website easy and faster EFB technology use some tools. These are bootstrap for html framework, jQuery for JavaScript Framework, wordpress, code igniter, angular js. Every technology is awesome and give fast response.

Cache for all

In any website or custom web application, cache play a big role to load page faster. This can integrate with any website or application no matter it built in wordpress or angular js. This is one of the best techniques to make more powerful website and application. Cache implementation on server has changed website development completely.

How Cache Works in website development

It is simple trick which improve amazing speed in the page load. In this trick we store a copy of resource and return back when required. For example website has some pages like about us, privacy policy. Now we will create a cache folder, create cache copy of these pages. Because these are in cache so static and no extra load of DB nd other resources. Now when anyone click on about us or privacy policy (asper our example), browser will simply open page from cache. These pages are too much faster and improve experience to site visitors, because of no extra load and hits.

Web development frameworks

Web Development have lot of rules and techniques which help to make it faster. Overall there are 3 most important technologies on which, developer should have better command. These are HTML, Javascript and CSS. Web development technology also dependent on few things like browsers, and web development framework which make development faster. Some popular frameworks are below which improve standards and faster


AngularJS is front end web development framework based on javascript. It is maintained by Google and has large community. It is structural framework and HTML can be used as a template using AngularJS.
Learn more about AngularJS


YII is component based MVC and object oriented framework which is developed for PHP web application and websites. It has large library which makes you able to develop your application or website faster.


It is most popular PHP framework with large community. It comes with command line tool and make development much faster. For large application or small websites, Laravel becomes most popular framework for developers.

Meteor JS

MeteorJS is a javascript based web development which used Node.js. You can use same code for all devices and platform (e.g. Andriod, IOS, Web application) in your application. It has large community and popular in developers.


Express.js is a node.js framework for back-end development in Node.js. It’s robust features makes it most popular Node.js framework. It is cross platform and open source framework.


This is web development framework written in Python for rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. All python developers loves Django for it’s library, community and faster development in python. It allows developer to only focus on app development, all other required and necessary things done by itself.

All above discussed are web development frameworks which use various programming language apart from HTML and CSS. To make web development more effective and dynamic we use programming language, Some most popular programming languages are described below.


PHP is widely used, popular and working behind mostly websites over the internet. This is language which have lot of frameworks available and some big companies like facebook, Wikipedia are using it.


Python is interpreted and high-level programming language, used by popular Django. It has rich library and supports multiple programming paradigms like structured programming patters or object oriented.


Ruby is a dynamic programming language which is easy to use and user friendly. Rails is a web development framework and Ruby on Rails become amazing platform for web developers


This is a lightweight scripting language which become most popular now a days. It play a very important role when page display on browser. Every web developer should have knowledge of javascript.


This is open source programming language maintained by Google. This language was designed to build simple, reliable, and efficient software

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