SuiteCRM is most popular open source CRM. It is popular and widely used in industries by it’s awesome features. Here we are providing some tips and tricks which will make your development more easy.

Hide Sidebar (Recently Views section)

Open file themedef.php in themes/SuiteP and update default display_sidebar false.

Other way is add below code in config_override.php
$sugar_config[‘display_sidebar’] = false;

Import Email Manually

In suiteCRM email import into CRM system. After import it comes into system and assign an id for use. Until it is not imported there is no id and it appear direct from imap connection.

After successfully import a tick sign appear in subject.
Although import do automatic but if you want to do manually you can select email and choose import from action menu

Improve performance

For more efficient business it is necessary that your CRM should have good response time. There are some modification which can improve your CRM speed.

Administration Panel

Check in setting if you have enabled developer mode on then turn off it and set Log Level as Fatal. You can get this option in system setting in administration.

Server Optimization

Cache is best technique ever for performance related tasks. Check your server and PHP, it should be recent and stable version of PHP with an opcode cache (APC).
Apart from this disable below from php.ini file
register_globals, magic_quotes, always_populate_raw_post_data

DB Management

Database consume much memory and storage, so if possible setup different server for database, If you are using AWS then RDS is best option. Amazon RDS runs on the same highly reliable infrastructure used by other Amazon Web Services. It is optimized for high performance.
In SuiteCRM, set scheduled job active – Prune Database on the 1st of Month.


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