suitecrm session 2 for sales growth

In first session of SuiteCRM training you learned leads, contacts and accounts and relationships among these. Before start this session if you have not read session 1, we would like to suggest you that first read it. Session 1 is the introduction of series and described the foundation. You will feel session 2 more interesting and easy to learn after read first session. Sales growth is requirement of business and this session is focused on it. Here sales growth means increase closed won in opportunity so that increase revenue.

Now in session 2 you will get idea about another important module of CRM for which we do all marketing activities. This module is opportunity. It’s name is definition. Opportunity is a qualified sales prospects which have more chances that they will do business with you. Better use of opportunity into suitecrm can increase your sales growth

How CRM work with opportunity for sales growth

Opportunity is a qualified sales prospect. As per modification in record based on conversation with customer, CRM calculated buying power of opportunity and put it in sales pipeline with various stages. After various process on opportunity finally it closed lost or closed win. Closed lost means you failed to convert into sale and customer didn’t purchased and closed win means you got success to make ready to customer for purchase.

Opportunity actions

As other modules like leads, contacts or accounts, opportunity have main 3 actions.

  • Create opportunity – SuiteCRM allow you to create new opportunity and provide a link for create new opportunity in action links . It opens a form where various information can be filled.
  • View opportunity – Two types of views available list view and detail view. In list view you can search, filter records. Detail view has detailed information of opportunity.
  • Import opportunity – opportunities can be import from excel sheet. CRM has import wizard which helps in import data.

Process of sales growth: Sales stage

Sales stage used to understand the progress of opportunity. The default sales stage are below.

Sales stage – Prospecting

The first stage in the sales process which shows that opportunity is new and needs work to send in next various stages. Your employees work on this opportunity and make it qualified.

Sales stage – Qualification

This is next stage in sales pipeline. Here sales representative start contacting with prospect and determine the opportunity. Sales representative create notes based on conversation with prospect.

Sales stage – Needs Analysis

After determining the prospect that this is opportunity and can convert to sale, sales person start analysis of prospect’s business and understand the business flow and where prospect stuck.

Sales stage – Value Proposition

After analysis the glitch in prospect’s business , Sales person start finding where is the problem and how your products or services can resolve the problem.

Sales stage – Id. Decision Makers

After determining the best products or services for prospect, sales person identify the decision maker so that he can discuss with him and close the deal.

Sales stage – Perception Analysis

In this stage sales person analyze that how much prospect will agree with the product or service and cost.

Sales stage – Proposal/Price Quote

Based on various analysis sales person create a proposal or price quote and send it to prospect.

Sales stage -Negotiation/Review

There is chances that prospect will need some modification in quote and reduce the amount. In that case sales person will review the quote and negotiate with prospect.

Sales stage – Closed Won

There are a chance that prospect will accept the proposal and the deal closed. Because prospect is agreed so deal is closed won

Sales stage – Closed Lost

other chance is prospect rejected the proposal in that case deal closed lost.


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