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If we talk about popular open source CRM then SuiteCRM is well known. most important thing is adoption of CRM. This is not so easy to check CRM function in few minutes or hours and ready for use it. This is continuing process. Everyday we learn something new in CRM. SuiteCRM training session 1 is part of series where you can learn the process and implementation of CRM in your organisation. Adoption of CRM is depends upon interest and routine. CRM is blood of business, use it daily and ask your employees to use it.

In suitecrm training session 1 we will discuss about CRM implementation and 3 important modules i.e. leads, contacts, accounts.

CRM Implementation

CRM implementation is adoption process into business. First challenge is ready your employees to use CRM daily in work. You can follow below points.

  • Provide proper training of how to use CRM in daily work.
  • Provide a documentation of CRM and motivate your employees to read and follow.
  • Videos helps a lot to understand process easily. Make available some videos which defines process of CRM
  • Arrange some meetings with your employees and let them know how CRM can reduce their workloads and improve business growth.
  • Make it routine and do all work through CRM everyday.

CRM have 3 basic modules. leads Contacts and accounts. We will describe all 3 modules, before this understand that these 3 modules have strong relationship among all. All modules are represent a noun.

Lead – Suitecrm training session 1

Lead is a unqualified person which comes from a kind of marketing activities. Some possible ways can be filled contact form on your website, from social media, or any advertisement. This person is interested in your products or services but it is not sure that he/she will buy.

In CRM we can perform various actions on lead. These are

Create Lead

SuiteCRM has action for create new lead. We can open a form for create or edit any existing lead. Last name is required field by default and if you are admin then can make other fields like email address also required

View lead

As the name, we can see list of all leads, filter and search lead. We can also add or remove columns in list. Mass update is another good feature where we can select multiple leads and update all by a single form. Apart from list other view is detail view where we can see complete information of lead

Import lead

Suite CRM allows to import leads from your excel sheet. This is easy way if you have multiple records. Prepare excel with your data then map excel fields with CRM fields. Set if you want merge duplicate records and run. In seconds your data will import.

Convert lead

in convert lead we convert lead to contact or account or opportunity. We will discuss about contact and account below. Opportunity will describe in next session. So don’t miss it. In SuiteCRM these actions can be perform by sidebar or from drop-down menu.

Merge lead

List view has action for merge leads if duplicate records found. Actions drop-down has option for merge lead. To merge the records, simply select records in list view and click on merge button. After click a merge screen appears where we can set data

Duplicate lead

Duplicate button is available on detail page of lead. This is used for creating copy of existing record. Later you can modify it.


Contact is a person or can say your customer. It can represent a company which stored as a account in CRM.

Once a lead qualified or converted it can be contact or account or opportunity. Let’s take an example for better understanding. Suppose John works in a company ANC consulting. John is your customer and using your services. Here John is contact and ANC consulting is account in CRM. Contact have all the actions mentioned in lead.


This is central point in CRM which is associated with mostly records. Account record hold all the information of company which has relationship with you. We have already discussed with example that what is account.

Converting a Lead

When lead come into CRM, you start getting information and when enough information is collected about a Lead, then the Lead is ready to the next stage and converted into a Contact, Account and Opportunity

In next session of SuiteCRM training session you will learn about opportunities. Hope you are confident now for adopt the CRM

check next chapter of series – Session 2


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