SuiteCRM Training 125 Hrs

Timing: 10AM to 5PM
Venue: Google Meet
Cost: $ 240

Complete Course

A complete suiteCRM course which provide you knowledge of suiteCRM development process. Join our classroom via google meet with full interaction with instructor.

Advanced Programming

You will learn high level programming in SuiteCRM for various areas like workflow, extensions, overriding, vardef, controller, view, dashlet, logic hooks, scheduler, REST API, entrypoints etc


We provide certificate of EFB Technology training program, which can be an extra mile in your career. Limited seats are available. Call us of email to know more detail.

Practical Labs

We believe in more practical. We provide practical and a lab on every session. You will get notes on every session for learning after classes. A powerful course for learning suiteCRM.

A Powerful SuiteCRM Training

This is the time to achieve something extra which help in building your career. Learn advanced technology and win more chance to stay ahead in your career. Improve productivity and learn tips and tricks of smart development from our instructor. Live session are helpful to improve your knowledge. 

Don’t Miss. Contact us today. Limited seats are available.

- About Course -

This course is for those people who want to learn SuiteCRM quickly with advanced technology and more practical. Apart from this, the developers who are thinking about learning SuiteCRM for extra mile in career but don’t want to waste more time on same things which are familiar. This course can help you for your new job in SuiteCRM or new start in freelance web development in SuiteCRM. This crash course start with installation and setup of SuiteCRM development environment and end up to advance development with latest technology. Course duration is 125 hrs and cost is $240.

    Online Classes

    120 hrs course, run on google meet. Discuss all your queries and get resolution same time.

    Study Material

    Get study material for practicals and learning more and more. Helpful for practice after class session

    Online Test

    Test on every learned material to make you more comfortable in development and judge


    Get certificate from EFB Technology for join and learn in our online course. This certificate can helpful.

    SuiteCRM Training Program

    Topics covered

    Module, Extension, Framework

    Training will start with Basic understanding and setup the SuiteCRM and will go understand framework, MVC, modules and extension development.

    Logic Hooks, Views, MetaData, Dashlet

    In advanced level programming you will learn about logic hooks, workflow, dashlets, customization with meta data, overriding views, studio, module builder and many more.

    Manifest, REST API, EntryPoints

    After enough command over suitecrm we will start session to packaging development and installation, REST API to connect suitecrm with third party or use suitecrm in other application e.g. customer portal, mobile app etc.


    An Award Winning Training Program

    $ 50
    125 HRS
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