SuiteCRM Integration

ETL process - Extract, Transform and Load

SuiteCRM Integration is an Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) process that connects to an existing SuiteCRM Data installation to extract source data from the MySQL database and load that into the Data Warehouse, that has been optimised for analytical functions.

SuiteCRM Data Integration requires the following prerequisites installed on your server:

     Linux Environment

     OpenJDK 8 JRE (Java)




     MySQL Server and an empty MySQL Database

There are two ways of downloading the SuiteCRM Integration.

1.    Download from SuiteCRM website: a pre-built package containing installation scripts, web server and all the third party open source libraries required.

2.    Clone the SuiteCRM Data Integration repo: a script to build the SuiteCRM data integration package.

Manually Build the Package:

Clone repo via terminal:

git clone

Navigate into the newly cloned repository’s directory and run


This should output on your terminal all the files that the solution downloads and zips up into a package. The end of the script will ask if you wish to delete the installation files.

Would you like to remove the installation files? This will save disk space. [y/N] y


 Build is complete!


This will generate a package named within the root of your directory. This is the same package available via the SuiteCRM website.


Configuring SuiteCRM Data Integration:

After downloading or generating the ‘’ file, Upload and extract this file on a hosted web server. Navigate into the newly extracted SuiteCRM-analytics-server folder and edit the ‘’.












# DO NOT CHANGE FROM PORT 8080! There is a bug with uploading the solution when the port is changed


These config variables define the connection to your SuiteCRM database to extract information from.

# SuiteCRM Source Database Connection Details






These config variables define the connection to your SuiteCRM data warehouse created by the SuiteCRM Data Integration solution to retrieve your transformed SuiteCRM data.

# SuiteCRM Analytis Target Database Connection






The SMTP config variables will define the connection to an email mail client to send out notifications on the status of the extraction script.These are optional.

Installing SuiteCRM Data Integration:

Once the configuration has been defined, run the setup script within the same root directory of your suitecrm-data-integration.


This will check the connection of your databases and create the tables required to extract your SuiteCRM data.

Then you can run the SuiteCRM Data Integration script to extract and transform your data.


This should output on your terminal all logging referring to the extracting, transforming and loading data into the data warehouse tables.

The solution currently extracts data from the following modules:








     Products/Product Categories


     Custom Fields from Cases,Leads

This is all about the SuiteCRM Data Integration installation.

Well this is the process of how you integrate the Data with SuiteCRM now the time to look what you can do with this:

Our SuiteCRM Developers can integrate any application or platform with your SuiteCRM so that you can access it from within the CRM. Save time and optimize your business processes with SuiteCRM Integration.

Integration with Accounting Applications:

By integrating SuiteCRM with accounting apps, you can seamlessly synchronize contacts, invoices and purchases between the two platforms without having to independently maintain them. We have integrated SuiteCRM with today’s leading accounting platforms for our clients.

This integration will save a lot of time and effort if you are running a large firm and there is a lot of contacts, invoices and purchase history then surely you have to look into this. We will hassle free integrate your CRM data with any today’s modern accounting system.

Integration with Payment Gateways:

You probably recognize the importance of providing your clients with swift, secure and smooth payment options especially if you are in e-commerce or retail. The checkout experience is highly simplified for your customers as you can charge their credit/debit card directly from your website when they buy something online. 

We can integrate SuiteCRM with almost any payment gateway that you prefer. You can credit/debit money directly from the system within seconds. Our developers can integrate it with any gateways that you prefer.

Integration with Telephony Systems:

Having a click to call feature in your SuiteCRM helps save precious time and makes your team more productive by allowing them to instantly make outgoing and receive incoming calls from within SuiteCRM.

Besides this our SuiteCRM Developers have integrated SuiteCRM, with skype, google meets and VoIP.

Integration with Social Media:

Social Media has become a great way of reaching out to your customers, listening in to their feedback and forging stronger ties with them. Therefore, businesses can’t afford to miss out on them and the amazing opportunities they bring any longer.

Integrate social media with your CRM to make it an integral part of your business strategy. You can run campaigns directly from your CRM system.

Integration with Google Apps:

Chances are that you’re already using Google’s productivity suite for your businesses activities. After all, it provides great tools for sharing, collaborating and coordinating with your team. If so, then it makes perfect sense to integrate these with your SuiteCRM and take your productivity up a notch. 

We can help you with bi-directional sync features between the following Google Apps to access important data anytime, anywhere.

Integration with Content Management Applications:

Create, access and modify your digital content and collaborate with other users easily by integrating SuiteCRM with a Content Management System that best fits your needs. Share documents securely and eliminate the hassle of switching between the two platforms.

Integration with Email Clients:

SuiteCRM Integrating with an email client lets you archive all client communications via email inside the CRM. This ensures that nothing slips through the cracks and you stay on top of all your client communications. By using this you can send email directly from your system to your clients/customers. 

If you are running an e-commerce website then this is best for you to stay connected with your customers and send them email about newly launched products. This will help boost your business.

Integration with eCommerce Platforms:

With competition between online retailers growing fierce, integrating SuiteCRM with an E-Ccommerce platform can help your business gain a competitive edge. 

This way you can effectively manage your sales operations, transactions, inventories, order processing and customer complaints from the convenience of your CRM.

What is the point of using a CRM solution when you always have to keep several browser tabs open? We integrate your favorite web applications with SuiteCRM and SuiteASSURED so that you can have everything you need in a single centralized, organized view. 

In our experience as CRM experts, we have successfully integrated several enterprise applications with SuiteCRM.

These are some highlights but our integrating reach beyond these it’s on you what you are looking for. Contact our advisor today and we will let you know the best strategy for integrating your data with SuiteCRM at affordable rates.