The only purpose of this article is to discuss the techniques for improving the conversion rate and speed up every single sale by simple checkout.

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Let’s start the topic. So checkout play an important and big role for successful sale. An easy and optimized checkout gives more chances purchase and payment by customer when arrive on checkout. To know importance and current trends of e-commerce you can check this article – E-Commerce- Future of shopping

To optimize the checkout process here we are providing some common rules. You can increase the conversion rate and win the sale by provide easy steps and everything should well informative. It helps to take decision to customer. Here we have listed some important ways to increase the conversion rate.

Display necessary fields

Remember only required fields would be available in checkout page, mostly people irritate if they see unnecessary fields in checkout page, They want to fill form as less as possible. For example if you are selling digital product which doesn’t required shipping then there is no sense to ask shipping address also or give checkbox for same as billing etc. These are unwanted things. Try to avoid in such cases. Another idea is try to cart and checkout on same page, and use the section as cart where you display only product lines.

Simple Checkout
Simple Checkout

Design matters in simple checkout

No doubt a good design attract people to stay and make sale. Fields should be used nicely on page. Attractive fields with good style help to bind the customer. Check out is the final and most important step in e-commerce process, and it needs some extra efforts.

Add credit cards and security related logos. Let customer know that shopping is secure on your platform and your place is a trusted place.

To provide some easy navigation to customer add checkout button on top and bottom both. Try to maintain customer flow during shopping and provide things when they want to make customer’s shopping experience better.

Never try to hide cost

Customer views product and makes initial decision to purchase based on price/value. There can be negative impact if customer see different price when visiting and in checkout, Customers don’t like such kind of shopping experience. So never try to hide cost from customer, on the contrary show it highlight to customer, when user visit the product page or checkout then price and cost would display proper and most focus would be there,

Try to provide things from your side in every step, customer feels website is helping and providing information which they want. This thing encourage the customer for purchase at your store.

Guest Checkout

Most of the times people don’t want to create an account before they make a purchase. So Guest checkout can help here. It allows customers to make a purchase from your store without logging in or providing any information to store. Why anyone will interested to create account until no any clear benefit is in front off. Customer is tired to provide information at every place, so try to create customer account by yourself based on the information but yes don’t try it without take permission.

Let customer know importance

Customer don’t want to give various personal information, so it is store’s responsibility to let customer know about the importance of that information. Customer always provide information if there is some solid reason for it.

Service after sale

This is important factor to build trust to customer. Provide 24 X 7 customer service on orders. and a good return policy is also helps to build more trust. guarantee or return policy would be as much as simpler to increase loyalty of your store in customers. Many times you get recommendation from your customers and gain more opportunity with the help of easy return policy.

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