Dedicated Server Setup

At EFB Technology we provide service for server setup with latest PHP, MySQL, Apache software. Our setup works best on cache. We provide server setup for various machines e.g.
– Amazon (AWS)
– Digital Oceans
– Vultr

Choose BEST server

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Web Application

Best for normal websites developed in PHP, WordPress, Angular, HTML etc

  • Old Price $110
  • 20% Off


Best for host CRM application e.g. SugarCRM, SuiteCRM and other custom CRM

  • Old Price $135
  • 20% Off

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Do we need to pay for server separate

Yes. You need to pay monthly/yearly charge directly to server provider e.g. amazon, google, digitalocean etc. Our cost is one time setup cost after purchase server from you. In this one time cost we install required software and make server ready to use.

Is there any after sale services

Yes we provide after sale services and provide server maintenance on a fixed monthly charge. In this we provide all type of server management and security implementation. 

What are maintenance charges after setup ?

After setup you can take maintenance services from us or any other firm or hire an inhouse server engineer. 
If you take service from us, we charge $50 per month and per website for websites. 
For CRM we charge $65 per month and per CRM.

What if any malware attack ?

Normally malware and virus attack will not happen but if it happen due to any reason then depends on cleanup time. If it is normal and not time taking we provide it free of cost and for time taking virus removal we charge minimal.