A popular CMS behind mostly websites is WordPress. It’s popularity is due to it’s features, community and ability to create beautiful designs. With the help of WordPress you can build anything you want. Because WordPress is behind 75 million websites, so can say it is most popular CMS. This is the main reason is that it is on target of many hackers and lot of wordpress websites suffering from attacks.

Hosting server came into battle and introduced managed wordpress hosting. This hosting provides extra security for wordpress installation and responsible if any attack happening otherwise security and maintenance is your responsibility.

The security of a wordpress website would not be take lightly. It can be hack anytime. Mostly vulnerable WordPress sites become target of hackers, because those are easy to hack. Here we have listed some tasks which can improve the security of your wordpress website.

WordPress security keys

wp-config.php file holds security keys. This file is available in root of website. If you search in this file you will get unique Keys for Authentication and Salts. You need to change it. To get new keys you can use Online Security Key Generator for automatic key generation. After generate the keys, copy the whole code block and replace the eight default values in your wp-config.php file.

WordPress login

A WordPress website usually has many chances of brute force attack and malicious connection attempts. Many times you can notice that you have a number of unnecessary blogs are available for creating backlinks. One good way is to change login url and dont share it with public. Everyone knows that wp-login.php is for login into wordpress. If you hide the login URL from public, you are improving your security. There are some plugins available. Which can be use for this purpose.

one simple way is to update your htaccess file and change login URL. You can use below code for this.

RewriteRule ^mysecurewp$ http://example.com/wp-login.php [NC,L] 

This code will change your login URL and login can be access by http://example.com/mysecurewp.php

Password Policy

You can use password generator to create more secure password. Or if you are creating yourself then make sure it is long, alphanumeric. Apart from this you need to change it time to time.
You can hide username from blog posts. It helps to understand the hackers. Changing wordpress credential regularly helps a lot.

So finally you have seen there are various methods to improve security of your wordpress website. Apart from these security you should check server security also. Dedicated server are good for this and you can implement your modification easily there. One important task is use ppk file for login. For extra security you can use password and PPK both for login into FTP or SSH.

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