MailChimp email marketing is required and helping tool for your online business. MailChimp help you not only to reach new customers via landing pages, subscriber forms and many other ways but detailed report on email campaign. You can get each and every detail on your email e.g. what is rate of email open by customer. Get detail if user clicks on links you provided in emails.

MailChimp comes with powerful API which can integrate into your CRM or website or you can integrate with your social media accounts. MailChimp work smoothly with all and help to grow your audience and mailing list.

A good mailing list can boost your business, if you are using it properly. It doesn’t matter that you operate which type of business, an email list is the most important part of a successful email marketing process. This list helps you to promote your business, and showcase your products. Solution of good growing list is email marketing. To understand more about email marketing you can check our article based on B2B lead generation with email marketing

MailChimp email marketing techniques

MailChimp’s contacts organization is based on segment. It organizes your contacts into segments based on various information. MailChimp email marketing includes various techniques to grow your contact list.

landing page

This is a part of campaign. MailChimp provide an editor where a good landing page can design. Apart from this you can get good templates also. A good landing page attract the visitors. Give subscription form on page. You can mention that this form is for receive latest updates or some offer etc. Once user will subscribe form, it will save into your MailChimp contacts list.

widget and sign up form

You can create an embedded form with color and style of your website’s brand, and use this form to your website contact form or home and other pages. Sign up form is another good option to collect the user’s information and grow the list in MailChimp. This can be easily design using content designer tool of your MailChimp account. Just design some nice forms with simple drag and drop and use it in your website.

Pop up form

Another good source and even powerful way to collect user data. Add some Pop up form in your website. These popup forms are designed at MailChimp and provide some JavaScript code which you need to add in your website. When user visit the site after few seconds open a popup with some offer can attract customers and will provide details.

Research says that a pop-up form embedded on your site can boost your list growth rate by 50%. Mailchimp work on scroll activity of visitors and open popup when visitor ready to leave. In popup you can provide some good offers.

At EFB Technology we are working on some useful products for wordpress and suitecrm based on mailchimp API and soon it will available for public use. Please subscribe us to get latest updates

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