Keyword research is the process of discovering words and phrases that people use in search engines, like Google, Bing and YouTube. Keyword research impacts every other
In this process we research and find the word or phrase for the content topic, It also related to on-page SEO, and promotion of pages through content.

If we start any online marketing campaign then it would be based on keyword. Keyword research is technique where we understand what our target audience required and what they are searching on search engines. This is keyword and we also check what is rank of that keyword on search engine. Our keyword research process is based on these 2 things.

  1. What target audience are searching
  2. What is rank of the word which target audience are searching

At EFB Technology we provide keyword research in our SEO packages. This is important part which defines the correct direction of SEO campaign and included in all the packages and custom packages.

Profit from keyword research

The most important profit from the keyword research process is that you better understand about the people and their need.
Apart from also you get better idea about run you SEO campaign that where you will get good result and where not.
Other important profit is keywords help you design your content better and improve your position.

Keywords Type

Basically we use 2 types of keywords.

  1. Head Keywords
  2. Long-Tail Keywords

Head keywords are single words and there is high search volumes on search engines. For example ice-cream is a keyword which people are searching and you want to promote your business which is related to ice-cream. Now this keyword has very high search volume and this is very tough to rank your business on this keyword.

Other type is Long-Tail Keywords where we defines our intent clearly. For example “Good indoor plant”. Here we have defined the intension in keyword. Such type of keywords known as long-tail keywords.

How use keyword in your content

Keyword is very important in content and it should not just for showing keywords or unnecessary use of keywords in content.
Keyword would be use very smartly in the content and it would ne meaningful.
There are some predefined rules for usage of keywords into your content. So always keep in mind about the guidelines and make sure you have used keywords in your content as per rules and guideline.
Below are some rules for usage of keywords. Always try to follow it in your content.

  1. Keyword would be available in page title (Meta title tag)
  2. Keyword would be available meta description
  3. Keyword would be available in URL of page
  4. First paragraph of content would have keyword
  5. Heading title (H1 tag) would have keyword
  6. Use keyword in image ALT tag
  7. Use keyword in anchor text

Generate Keywords

More and more questions about business for which you are going to start keyword research and campaign, are really helps a lot. Before start keyword research focus on below points

  1. Get more and more information about business, their process and product or services.
  2. Understand about their customer, who are those.
  3. Understand about the goals.

This is planning step before start campaign and it is time taking, but you should not neglect it. Many times customer provide you keywords but as a SEO professional it is your duty to understand all about the business, process, product/services, business customers and goals.

Here we are listing some most popular keyword research tools. Some are paid and some are free also. You can use them and get good results

Google Keyword Planner
Ahrefs Keyword Explorer
Moz Keyword Explorer
Long Tail Pro
Keyword Tool

EFB Technology provide deep research on keywords and suggest most useful keywords to improve your ranking. This is completely free and you can contact us for free analysis of your website and keywords suggestions. Subscribe us to get latest update from us

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