Many people spend their time and resources, promoting content across social media like Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks in the hopes of boosting search engine rankings. This is known as social media marketing.

Social media marketing

But did it really work? Some experts would call that a waste of time because the relationship between social media and SEO isn’t at all clear cut. But wait a sec it does exist, and it can help you rank #1 if you understand it.

So warm up we’re going to understand it in depth and we’ll share the latest advice on the relationship between social media and SEO, and what you need to do to get search ranking benefits from your social presence.

Here is our first question: is social media really an SEO Ranking Factor?

Before we get into the social media SEO tips, let’s clear something up. According to Google, social media doesn’t affect or it is not a direct SEO ranking factor. Sad.

End of story? What I said earlier, wait a second. It’s not quite, it’s a bit complicated.

Here’s the good news actually, there’s plenty of evidence that proves social media campaigns such as likes and shares influence your ranking somehow. Now happy.

There is a lot of buzz and fuzz regarding this topic, the influence of shares, comments, likes, etc. on SEO in general. Yet, the question is the same. “Are social signals a ranking factor?” There have been lots of discussions around this topic, both pros and cons; even some studies were conducted on it. Yet, no one is sure about it.

Despite what Google says, Searchmetrics’ white paper on ranking factors is clear:

The correlation between social signals and ranking position is extremely high.

There’s one more thing to know about social media and SEO ranking. Though it often seems like it, Google’s not the only one on the internet when it comes to search.

According to the report the global search market is as follows Google dominated with 92.54% share, Bing with 2.44%, Yahoo with 1.64% and Baidu with 1.04% share of the global search market in 2020.

Yes Google shares are high but others are also pretty respectable. This matters because if you care about search traffic from Bing, then you will definitely need to optimize your social media presence. That’s because social likes and shares are a direct ranking factor for Bing.

But if they’re not for Google, what’s up with that correlation? Let’s take a closer look.

Connection between Social Media marketing and SEO Ranking

If you take Google at their word, correlation doesn’t mean causation, at least, directly. But indirectly is another different story. Social media may not be a ranking factor for Google, but it can amplify the ranking factors that Google does consider.

If lots of people share your content on social media, then it’s likely more people will link to it, and links are a hugely important SEO ranking factor.

How Social Media Marketing Impacts your SEO

  • Drives Traffic : Traffic has always been considered as one of the major ranking factors. Social media marketing affects your site traffic by providing more visibility to your content. When lots of people share your content within their networks, they’re going to send more traffic to your website and therefore, boost your rankings.
  • Profiles Rank in Search Engines Results : Your social media profiles aren’t just confined to social media; they also rank in search engine results. They are prominently visible in branded search results, often on the first page.

So your brand can increase your search engine visibility and drive more traffic by social media marketing & creating profiles and optimizing them.

  • Boost Your Content Reach : Social media is an excellent channel to ensure that your content reaches as many people as possible. On search engines, people only discover your content when they’re searching for a relevant keyword. But on social media marketing, you’ll be getting your content in front of people who didn’t even realize that they needed your content.
  • Local SEO : Social media marketing play big role in local SEO. Social media also affects your local SEO efforts in a few ways. As you already know, the name, address, and phone number of your business by combining also known as NAP plays an important role in local search rankings. If you maintain consistent NAP information across all of your listings and website, Google will consider your business as more credible. And that can boost your rankings in local search results.

Optimizing Social Media for SEO

First, optimize your profiles. If you’re using multiple social media sites, have a consistent image across all of them for better brand recognition. Make sure your bio is relevant to your business while still being interesting enough to attract attention.

Include a relevant link. This’ll likely be to your website.

Second, make sure your social media account is active. That means posting regularly. A regular posting schedule varies according to the network. On Twitter, it’s common to post multiple times daily; but that would be seen as excessive on LinkedIn.

Your comments are always welcome for social media marketing.

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