CRM is useful to create a good relationship between business and customer. CRM use some stratagy to improve the business growth. This strategy include some kind of automation or workflow to connect customer when they need, build trust of brand between customer which helps in growth of business. There are lot of importance of CRM and we will discuss these later in this article.

CRM stands for customer relationship management, it’s name is enough to understand about it’s work. You can customise your working process in office and can give more time to grow your business rather than invest your crusial time.

Importance of CRM

Business faces many repeated task everyday, for example

  • Welcome email when a new customer data saved
  • Received email from a new lead and enquiry about your product
  • Some one filled contact form on your website
  • Few customers’ birthday is today
  • You have launched new product or you have updated some product and want to let people know about this.
  • And many more
Importance of CRM
Importance of CRM

Above mentioned tasks are examples of daily life of business. These are important but if doing it manually then these are time taking and daily work on it need a manpower only for this job.

Here we see importance of CRM because all these tasks can be easily manage by CRM. It keeps all customers data. We can schedule task in CRM scheduler that when any customer birthday arrive then a customized email sent to customer from company. We can set welcome email when any new lead or new customer create from sign up or contact form. Emails can filter and save as lead from particular source inside CRM. Email marketing is popular feature of CRM, which used to update customers about your new product or services.

Why use CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) helps businesses to understand the customer’s requirements better and managed way. It understand the behaviour of customers and suggest the proper action. insight data help business to get decesion if any modification is required in business operations to ensure that company is serving best to their customers.

Every successful organisation understand the importance of CRM. They invest in a good CRM and put them and their employees to use it regularly. Thus CRM is a technology which used to maintain relationships with customers and stay connected, streamline processes, and improve profitability of business.

CRM integration with other tools

now a days people use various tools simultaneously e.g. for project management of company they use Jira, for website management they have some different, social media management, mobile app backend etc. Integration means do several things at Central point. Here are some popular integration are listed below.

Email marketing integration

Email marketing is techniques where we send emails to prospects or leads and collect data e.g. did receiver has opened email or did he/she read it or clicked on link given in email. This link is actually our landing page which is target of all process and campaign. Based on various data we understand the customer’s behaviour and try some modification in our process. To know more about leads concept kindly check our article B2B lead generation with marketing automation

Mailchimp is good example of email marketing. It provide audience and then list inside it. Data which we save in list are known as contacts and subscribers. MailChimp provide run campaigns on these data and provide various information of recipient like demographics information, purchase history, personal interest. These information helps to create more personalized email and engage better with customers. You can visit article based on mailchimp for more detail. MailChimp email marketing

CRM allows the sales team to give push notification when the recipient opens or perform any action on that mail.

Telephony integration

Telephony application and CRM both are important for your organization. If both are integrating then it can be more effective and efficient for the business. If telephonic solution is integrated with CRM then it helps in making outbound calls faster.

Live Chat Integration

Live chat integration allow people to connect with your organisation support team. With integration in CRM you automatically capture the various information like name, email address, IP address, location of visitor. Based on these information you can contact customer and talk them or email them more personally. This technique increase chance of growth of your business ROI.

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