A backlink or we can say an inbound link is a link that comes from another website to your website. These are still the backbone of SEO and without high quality backlink, we can’t get organic traffic on our website. There is no simple and quick trick to get backlinks to your website. There are some techniques and strategies which help to earn high quality backlinks to your website and improve your search visibility.

Generate High quality backlink
Generate High quality backlink

High quality backlink are an important factor in search ranking. When your website is linked to  other high quality websites then these high quality websites send a positive signal to search engine crawlers that this link (point to your website) is valuable and useful.

Quality content for high quality backlink

If your website pages have quality content then other high quality SEO Backlinks website see you that you are a better brand and your content is useful over the internet and chances to earn high quality backlink. So always focus on quality content on your entire website. Always focus on opportunities that are more targeted, get keywords and use those properly in your content.

Internal Linking

You have complete control over these links  because these are links on your same website where you are publishing content. Links on your website with targeted keywords would be used carefully, as Google can treat these as spam.

Ask for Credit to your clients or partners 

You can ask to your clients or partner for credit link on their website. One example can be add a link on footer with some text e.g.”Designed By your company” or “Maintained By your company” etc..

Rebuild Broken Links

This is an awesome strategy for link building. Many times another website has links which are actually not available on your website. But these links make an opportunity for you to earn more backlinks. Find out these not found pages and create these. Of Course before creating content for that broken links just check once that these are relevant to your website and not spam. 

Resource pages

The use of resource pages is to link out to other websites. Find resource pages with good authority and related to your site. After that request to webmasters that they add your website link to their page.

Directories Submission

There are many blogger directories and local business directories. Create some good profile over there and let people know about your business, products and services. There are paid and free both types of directories are available.

High quality backlink
High quality backlink

At EFB Technology we work hard on link building strategies and provide high quality backlinks to our customers. There are so many different techniques which used to get backlinks to your website. What strategy is right for you and will work as per expectation, it depends on your past strategy for link building.
We do some research before starting an engagement. These includes below

  • which industry you operate in
  • Your competitors work.

We provide various activities for link building.

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