With 2020 coming to a close, we wanted to reach out and send our best wishes to world. No doubt 2020 become an unforgettable year to each human who is witness. Sometimes people think that we are in dream and once we will wake up everything will normal.
Unfortunately this is reality. As per my experience during pandemic I saw 2 kind of people. One who curse their luck, take him back and left everything on God.
While Second kind of people had taken this time as opportunity and made their life better.

Since every bad thing has also some good quality. World kneel in front of Covid 19. But there are some positive things also. It changed the way of living. People are serious about their health and it is good sign. Covid 19 created situation which teach us how to manage things in bad situations. How to be more strong not only outside but inside.

I am very thankful to EFB Technology Team, who managed their work in pandemic and helped to maintained our position, trust with customer and most important increased revenue during pandemic. If we reduce pandemic from the year 2020 then it was awesome in term of business. We signed big deals during this time and got big support from our valuable customers. Big thanks to all our valuable customers and big congratulation to our team.

At the end of year 2020, I would like to share one thing which play a big role in our daily life. We are living in an era of advanced technology. Day by day technology is advancing at an remarkable rate. In just over 10 years, we saw the rise of the smartphone, the Cloud and the smart world of connected devices, but there are more and more advances in technology.
At EFB Technology day by day we adopt latest technology to serve better to our customers.
An important thing is that the advanced technologies are helping us or we are getting used to. Always remember machine are made by human for help human. It doesn’t mean we are nothing without it.

For me year 2020 was a great year which taught me a lot. Now I am more curious, love invention & nature, developed better work culture. Spent good time with mom, dad, brother, sister, my lovely kids and wife. Sometimes felt I am living in my childhood again.

Lot of people have lost a lot during this time, but time doesn’t wait for anyone. Finally people are coming back on work with safety.
Show must go on!!!

Happy New Year
Dileep Awasthi