Are you looking for revenue generating result on your website. You are trying various approach but not getting success to increase your rank in search engines. If yes then you really need a better strategy to improve ranking. Our SEO packages are designed based on website requirement and it helps to increase your rank. The most important part of our SEO packages are link building and social media marketing.

Important factors in SEO Packages

Our focus is on increase brand awareness, increase Traffic on website, more leads and conversions, improve ranking of keywords in search engines. The most important factors are link building and social media marketing to achieve these. If we use links smartly in our content, it always return good result. We will discuss in links and link building in detail.

SEO Packages

Understand Links

You can better understand in below image. Here we have described the structure of link which we add in our content

Link structure

To start any link we use <a> this is start tag and then we put href (also known as hyperlink referral), this is actual location or URL where pointing. It is not necessary that it will always a web page. It can be image, pdf , anything. Next part is anchor text which is visible to visitor. This part has some text and visitor need to click on it if want to open URL.
And finally close tag which signals to end the tag.

When we add links in our content these can be basically 2 types – internal and external. Internal links are those which are available on your website and external links are outside links. We can better understand it by an example. Suppose our website is and we have a webpage and another page Now we adding link of team page inside about page. This type of link knows as internal link because all are available at same domain.
In other situation our website is and a page available Now we are adding facebook profile link or any URL which does not available at our domain. Because these are from outside domain so knows as external links.

Link Building

I hope now you better understand about link used in content. If we talk about links there are 2 important things which need attention.
1. Other’s Link in your content
2. Yours’s link in other content
So hyperlink or link works in 2 way, one when you add someone link in your content and other is someone add your link in his/her content. When someone add your link then you earn a hyperlink.
This process where you acquire the link from other website, know as link building.  If you get high-quality links to your website, it will help you rank better and get more traffic.

Link Building

Recently Google has also expanded the link building concept and included optimized links. In our SEO packages we focus to increasing the number of high-quality links from outside to pointing at your website. Good link building help to build your brand awareness and establish your brand.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is most popular platform where people communicate each other and interact online. This is also where you understand requirement of people and it is your responsibility to serve your customers what they want. No matter you are running a small, local business, or running a global, enterprise-level organization. Your customers are online and its up to you how smartly you are engaging those with your brands.

Social Media Marketing

Social media does not directly contribute to SEO ranking

Ohh you sad but by social media you increase awareness about your products and services in people. Every link you add on social media platform, help to expand the information about your product / services.
So can say that social media doesn’t directly impact but affect your online visibility. Now smile you was not wrong if promoting your business on social media.

Social media marketing includes daily posting, increase awareness, engage with your followers. Try to reach actual user who really need and searching products or services which you provide. Add people from different field just for increase like is not good way, No doubt you will have good likes but you will not get business from them. So try to make a good followers who are interested in your services.

Thank you very much. We will return with an article on other important topic. To get latest updates please subscribe us.

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