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Stratagy to connect customer automatically when they need. Build trust of brand between customer


CRM Services

CRM can manage various important tasks in smart way and also give you suggestion to increase growth of business. We offer best CRM services at affordable prices. check below our crm development services.

CRM Setup & Integration

Get ready your crm setup based on the requirement and focus areas. It includes crm installation, email setup, automatic jobs setup, integration with website or customer portal  – Read More


We customize crm as per goal and requirement and develop new modules or extensions if requirement is not fulfilling with existing modules. 
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We provides good training materials, videos to our customers which helps to use crm in better way, Apart from this we are available 24X7 if you have query or doubt. – Read More

CRM Features

This is hard to say how much we can earn if start online store. It depends on work and dedication. As long as you’re running your ecommerce business effectively you’ll be able to reach your target which you set for yourself.


  • Lead contact & Accounts
  • Prospects
  • Survey
  • Email Campaigns
  • Meetings & Calls
  • Documents & notes


  • Product & Categories
  • Quotation
  • Invoices
  • Email Followup
  • Meetings & Calls
  • Documents & notes


  • Customer Portal
  • Cases & Tickets
  • Calls
  • Calendars
  • Task Management
  • Emails

When people purchase a product they know all about the product or how it can help them. People carefully research and buy products which best fits for them. Thus we need some extra efforts to find the target audience, understand their needs, let feel the customer that he or she is valuable for you, and getting them to purchase from your online store out of the billions online store worldwide.

At EFB Technology we provide various services like emails campaigns, development of an optimized e-commerce website for your business. Our services include start with development and goes with email marketing and SEO.

Email campaigns are most important part for running a successful e-commerce business.

Subscribers play an important role and for companies try to increase this list from online business. Understand the shopping pattern and need of customers helps to increase sales.

Emails need more focus and would send regularly. These emails can be related to information about new product, abandoned cart, promotion, offer on product or service, special offer to particular receiver, many times this technique mostly works.

Good customer service play a big role. pre sale and after sale both services are required to make happy customer and improve the customer experience. Anytime when it customer need support, be instantly available to your buyers and help them for their questions. These help can be pre sale and after sale both where user can need help to choose perfect product or service based on their requirements or any upgrade downgrade in service after sale because it doesn’t fit in current requirement. Chatbots is a good option and help a lot to choose customer actual thing based on requirements and increase user engagement. By this way you can keep customers satisfied with their shopping experience.

Buyers have very limited time to decide where should buy the product because there is too much competitor. So it is important that when buyers come to the site things would look trustworthy. Good numbers of like and comments by users, reviews on products force buyer to make sale on your platform. Thus engagement on social media is another important factor and reviews are sole for successful run.
Speed matters in online e-commerce business. If website is loading fast and customer seeing things quickly with easy navigation it increase the chances of sales. Website would have better score on pagespeed. This can be done by implementation of various optimization and reduce unnecessary things on page for example non optimized images, unnecessary use of css and JavaScript etc, minification of css and js to remove blank space and make page more lite. Aim is by implementing these techniques make page as much as lite so that can open easily if slow internet.
Abandoned carts means user added some product into cart to purchase but didn’t complete the process and payment. There can be several reasons for this like user faced issue in checkout process due to complexity and user didn’t easily understood how to make payment. Other reason can be security related, user has doubt that payment will not complete and will face unnecessary follow up for returning amount back. As a site owner this is responsibility to understand issue of customers and reason of left checkout in middle. This is possible by communication with them. So communicate with them via phone or email. Resolve there issues and convert into sale.
This area need some extra research. The check out process on your website would be as much simpler as can. For example if you are selling digital product, it’s not necessary to capture address, phone number, etc. Shipping address is also not required in many cases. In case of digital products, newsletter checkboxes helps to increase more sales. If you have single product website then cart is not necessary and user would go for direct checkout.
This known as exit popup. If user visited the product, checked features and then leaving, at that time if a popup comes and give some extra offer, then there are more chances that user will give time to read the offer and if he or she think this offer has profit it can be converted into sale.

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