For any enterprise it is big and important question that is current marketing automation tool really works as per requirement or it need to be change and adopt something different.

Normally enterprises use a marketing automation tool for their marketing requirement and stay with it for some time. Now here some symptoms defined and if your team is experiencing problem or any below symptoms then you really need to switch and change your current automation tool.

Efforts are getting less effective

If you are experiencing that your efforts are not working properly and these are getting continuously less effective over time. Then you need to determine that where is fault. This is solution which you are using, need to find out fault over there , it doesn’t mean overall marketing strategy has fault.
Here one thing is important to note that your declining returns can be the result of many factors not only your marketing solutions. So this is important to note before change your current marketing automation tool.

Team is not comfortable with solution

If you are feeling that your marketing team or organization is not comfortable since you started that solution, Here one thing need to keep in mind that not every product is suited to all levels of business. If your organization has seen continuously declining returns in the time since you’ve adopted the solution then it is no longer best option and you need to change it.

Complex to understand and learn

There are lot of technology available in market and learning new tool and technology would be easy and if it is complex and taking too much months to learn then it is not good, because first you need to learn and after that your team will learn the use of solution,

Rising Cost

If your current ROI less and you are paying for solution more then it is not good solution for you and need to switch to other solution. Although there can be packages of solution and you need to compare which is best for your business rather than take all, It is possible in bundle something will not be use in your business.

Support from vendor

If you are not getting proper support from your current solution provider then it is not good solution for business, It is important that support would available when really need it for any business.

So finally you can check that if you are facing any above mentioned symptoms then you need to switch. It will help you make the next step for your marketing team.

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