B2B lead generation is first step in sales process and it collect potential customer’s information e.g. name, email address, company name, job title etc.
Now here a question arrive that what will be strategy for lead generation. It is simply some tactics which attract interested prospects and convert them into leads. Lead means a person who has shown interest in your product/service and attempt some action e.g.subscription, comment, suggestion, call, email etc.
Normally Companies choose from below mentioned processes to create a list of prospects which can be convert to customer.

  • Website Optimization & marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Advertisement
  • Social media promotion
  • Other method

Website Optimization & Marketing

This is most popular method. Create a website for your product/services and optimize it based on various rules of search engine. Optimized website promotes in search engine and returns some positive response from visitors. For example well optimize website on which marketing is going on, can have visitor subscriptions for your product/services. In comment section they can ask questions about your product and services. Finally we can say that they will show interest. And these are prospects for your organization.
After call them or email them you can resolve the queries and suggest best option to them and win a chance to convert them into lead.

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