Industries, small, medium size or big companies, everyone has a goal for lead generation and companies use marketing automation to achieve it. So what is lead basically? Before start I would like to suggest you check our CRM services if you are planning for setup CRM

What is lead?

Good question. Lead can be anyone, normally it is a person, who has shown interest in your products or services. There are various sources of lead. It can come from contact form, some one is interested in website design project and your IT business website is in front. It’s up to you that what options you provide for communication. People use below methods in their website.

  • contact form
  • sign up form
  • chatbot
  • popup
  • subscription form
  • and many more

All of these are to make communication with visitors. If visitor try any of above it means he/she is interested in your products and services which you have mentioned in website. This is lead actually.

Lead Generation

So now you have better understanding on lead. Now let’s start topic i.e. lead generation.

Lead generation

lead generation is way which generates interest of a shopper on products or services by providing your products and services information. Now a days Businesses are highly depended on Lead Generation as it enables the websites of businesses to generate more traffic and start conversations.

If visitor looking for something, and you got success to grab attention then you have more chances to convert visitor or lead in to customer. A well managed lead generation process is helpful for both your business and the visitors to get exactly what is requirement.

So till now we have better understanding on power of lead generation, now it’s time to learn about sole of lead generation i.e. marketing automation.

Marketing automation

There are lot of way for lead generation. some of these are email campaign, blogging, content marketing, message to people by web or social media. Marketing automation is a process where promotion and communication is happend automatically. Thus marketing automation is technology which manage multiple channels, platform automatically. Sales people use it to automate the marketing campaign.

In this process firest we encourage people to opt in website or landing page or newsletter or via social media. when a potential customer opts in to receive your emails, you can send them a sequence of messages designed to increase their interest in your product or service, then adjust your emails automatically based on their behaviour.

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Amresh singh · August 23, 2020 at 8:15 pm

I am using mailchimp for email marketing and suitecrm. Both has email marketing features but I prefer mailchimp, now can I see mailchimp report data in my CRM, please suggest

    Dileep K. Awasthi · August 23, 2020 at 8:20 pm

    Thanks for contacting, yes your requirement can be implemented by integration of mailchimp in suite CRM. Mailchimp comes with REST API which helps in integration

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