Smart business owners know the importance of website UI & UX and give enough time and analysis in this part of development life cycle.

If you have already $order object then you can use below. But if you have only order id then first create $order object from the order id and then follow below. After below code you can check how to create object from order id.

// Get Order ID and Key
// Get Order Totals $0.00
// Get and Loop Over Order Items
foreach ( $order->get_items() as $item_id => $item ) {
   $product_id = $item->get_product_id();
   $variation_id = $item->get_variation_id();
   $product = $item->get_product();
   $name = $item->get_name();
   $quantity = $item->get_quantity();
   $subtotal = $item->get_subtotal();
   $total = $item->get_total();
   $tax = $item->get_subtotal_tax();
   $taxclass = $item->get_tax_class();
   $taxstat = $item->get_tax_status();
   $allmeta = $item->get_meta_data();
   $somemeta = $item->get_meta( '_whatever', true );
   $type = $item->get_type();
// Other Secondary Items Stuff
// Get Order Lines
// Get Order Shipping
// Get Order Dates
// Get Order User, Billing & Shipping Addresses
// Get Order Payment Details
// Get Order URLs
// Get Order Status
$order = wc_get_order( $order_id );

Here are the some woo-commerce tips and tricks you should know:

Use Brands in Your Store: Each industry has certain brands which are inseparable from that space of administration. On the off chance that you offer items that aren’t your own, consider exhibiting brands that reverberate with your own statement of purpose to help deals.

Always Use Top of the Line Security: Install an SSL authentication and ensure you use the best security modules accessible for your customer-facing facade. There is a wide range of ways that programmers can get your clients’ data, and you need to ensure against every one of them.

Back-Up Data Often: A pernicious assault or straightforward programming mistake could injure your site for quite a long time or weeks on the off chance that you’re not cautious. By making ordinary reinforcements of your information, you can get your store ready for action again easily should this at any point happen to you.

Use Well-Optimized Product Images: Your item pictures should be great however as little as conceivable to ensure they load rapidly. A client hanging tight for quite a while for an item picture to load may get restless and proceed onward to the following store.

Compose Great Product Descriptions: Your item portrayals should be short however compelling, rapidly featuring the highlights of every item. Ensure that your business duplicate is convincing and consider recruiting an expert marketing specialist if necessary. Additionally, utilize shots where conceivable.

Make Product Videos: Item pictures are valuable, yet recordings are far better. By giving recordings, you can show your client an item in real life. Web-based features, for example, YouTube make getting to the recordings simple, even on cell phones.

Offer Daily Deals: In the event that you offer new arrangements and limits consistently, you get clients prone to check your store all the more every now and again. Obviously don’t start sending an email each day.


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